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Why Choose Us

We are established diamond manufacturers in the UK and are members of the "British Jewellers Association". We are part of the Eran Diamond Group in Israel with offices in Dubai, London, Philadelphia, Scottsdale, New York. We take pride in our heritage of offering exceptional value to our customers.

We cut our own diamonds in factories across the world to bring you best value at guaranteed low prices.

We believe that buying a diamond is not only one of the most important purchase in ones life, but also an emotional one which might be treasured for generations. A diamond is a classic symbol of deep commitment towards your near and dear ones, so we make every piece with utmost love and affection.

We use the finest quality diamonds in the entire collection so that your jewellery sparkles for generations to come, The minimum quality of diamonds we use is of colour G and clarity SI, so we guarantee that when you get the item you have ordered, you will see that the diamonds are entirely white (G+ Top Wesselton colour) and there will be no visible marks to any diamond (SI+ slightly included or better) clarity.

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